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Keel Machining with GibbsCAM

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Machining of sailyacht keel

GibbsCAM - heavy keel machining in Soraluce FR-12000

Image above: Rough and finish machining of Sail Yacht keel in a Soraluce FR-12000


12 TONS of STEEL turned into 6 with GibbsCAM


Project - Sail Yacht Keel

Larsson & Kjellberg
is a well-established company with over 140 years of experience in heavy manufacturing.
When the company chose to invest in GibbsCAM for programming its CNC machines, one of the first projects was to manufacture a keel for "Spirit of Garm IV", a modern reproduction of a fantastic sailboat from 1902. The sheer size and weight of the keel would have been a real challenge for most manufacturers, but Larsson & Kjellberg, being heavy industry machining experts, have the equipment and skills needed to handle this type of monster part. For this machining the GibbsCAM Solids Based Machining options including the 5-axis option were used widely to create efficient and gougefree 3D toolpaths.
Fun fact: Keel weight before milling 12000kg, after milling 6000kg.


 Spirit of Garm Sail Yacht taking shape
Above: The Sprit of Garm IV sailyacht is taking shape...

Machining video on youtube:
Larsson Kjellberg Youtube splash

more info about GibbsCAM:

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