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Training - general Info

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Quality, not quantity... 

A training class with 10-20 participants is a little bit like sitting through a lecture, sure you will learn some stuff, but it is not an efficient way to get advanced technical knowledge. This is why we have limited our training classes to a maximum of 5 attendees. By doing this we can ensure the highest quality and furthermore minimize the number of days that your personnel will have to spend away from your business.

Time for training?Training320
As software improves, there is also a need to improve people's skills, so that your company stays on top of the game. 1 training day every year is money VERY well spent. Sure, you can learn some of the features in the new version on your own, or you can get professional help. The latter is certainly the more efficient method.

Basic training classes
Basic training classes are held in our facilities in Sätra, near Stockholm. A training day starts at 9 in the morning and ends at approximately 4:30 in the afternoon with breaks for coffee and lunch (included in price).

Custom training
We also arrange customer specific training sessions, update trainings etc. Sometimes you need to catch up with latest versions. Often a custom training is focused on a specific type of part or CNC machinetool. If you have questions or would like to book a custom training session, please call us: +46 8-59411630.