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Tech Support

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Choose a supportmethod

Fast (for less urgent matters)
Email your problem + description to You will receive a support casenumber for reference. Our techsupport staff will reply to you as soon as they have studied the problem, normally same day.

Faster(semiurgent, and you need to explain a problem verbally)
Do as described above, email us your files), and after you received an email with the support casenumber, call us on +46 8-59411630 ask for techsupport.

Fastest (very urgent, you need help NOW)
Use our RemoteSupport system. Call us on +46 8-59411630 ask for a technician. We can then connect to your PC and see what the problem is. Occasionally all our technicians are busy, in which case you will receive a call back from us.

INFO: in order to receive remotesupport user must have attended basic training on the software modules that help is requested for. If user does not have adequate basic knowledge in the software, we may recommend training.