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GibbsCAM 5-axis impeller case

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Project: Water Evacuation Pump
Fructus has recently had the privilege to assist Supertwin AB in Tumba (Sweden) to produce the first prototypes of a newly designed "Disaster pump". The pump is designed to transport huge amounts of water in a short time (in flood situations and similar disaster situations where water must be evacuated extremely quick). The pump is therefore driven by a petrol engine and a super-efficient aluminum impeller. The entire pump structure including impeller and casing design is signed Mr Jörgen Bystrom, at Supertwin.

Heart of Gol... noup, Aluminum!
The heart of the pump is a 3-blade aluminum impeller located in a pump house (also billet aluminum) and powered by a gasoline engine. The entire pump unit is then mounted on a floating tube and is extremely light, since mobility is crucial.  Given the pump does not need external power, it can easily be moved to and used in almost any location.

5axis CNC milling
For the impellermachining a CNC lathe was first used to machine the blank in aluminum. A highstanding fixture was manufactured to get good access while milling in the 5axis machining centre. Machining of impeller was done in a Mikron machine with Heidenhain controller, CNC programming was done using GibbsCAM's 5-axis Multi-Blade option.

Amazing Capacity
Practical tests have shown excellent results. Here are some fun facts; The pump is capable of evacuating 50 liters of water per second (that is 3 cubic meters!! (or 792,5 gallons) per minute).
"Yes, at full throttle the thing moves water pretty quick...", says Jörgen with a smile.

Supertwin Impeller in action
Katastrofpumpen "in action" (klicka för större bild)