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Fiveaxis impeller machining

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Project Disaster Pump
Fructus has recently had the privilege to assist Supertwin AB in Tumba (Sweden) to produce the first prototypes of a newly designed "Disaster pump". The pump is designed to transport huge amounts of water in a short time (in flood situations and similar disaster situations where water must be evacuated extremely quickly). The punp is therefore driven by a petrol engine and a super-efficient aluminum impeller. The entire pump structure including impeller and casing design is signed Mr Jörgen Bystrom, at Supertwin.

The heart of the pump is a 3-blade aluminum impeller located in a pump house (also in aluminum) and powered by a gasoline engine. The entire pump unit is mounted on a floating tube and is extremely light, and thus a highly mobile and easily moved pumpingstation that does not require external power.

5axis CNC milling
For the impellermachining a CNC lathe was first used to machine the blank in aluminum and then a high fixture was manufactured to get good access while machining in the milling machine. Everything was then rigged in a 5-axis Mikron milling machine with Heidenhain control, and CNC programming was done using GibbsCAM's 5-axis Multi-Blade option.

Amazing Capacity
Practical tests went very well, or how about the following; The pump is capable of evacuating 50 liters of water per second (that is 3 cubic meters!! (or 792,5 gallons) per minute). "Yes, at full throttle the thing transports liquid pretty fast...", says Jörgen with a smile.

Supertwin Impeller in action
Katastrofpumpen "in action" (klicka för större bild)