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RopeCAM specialgängning

Special Thread Programming


RopeCAM is a stand-alone software developed specifically to assist with NC programming of so-called round threads, buttress and trapezoidal threads. In thread turning, a normal turning insert or grooving steel is used instead of a profiled thread insert (with the same profile as the thread itself). Round threads are commonly found for example in drill bits used by the mining industry. RopeCAM creates the shape of the thread by performing a large number of synchronized threadmoves with different start positions, along the thread profile.

Support for complex threads

In addition to round threads, the software also supports programming of buttress and trapezoidal threads with any flank angle and with any radius or chamfer on the top or bottom of the thread, as well as tapered threads. The machining methods include both roughing and finishing.

Quick and Easy

In the software, the shape of the thread is first described via values in a dialog. Next, the increment (step) with which the turning insert must move along the thread is specified, in order to achieve a certain surface finish. The toolpath that is created is a large number of independent thread moves (synchronized thread moves, typically G32 / G33). After the toolpath is created, the motion can be simulated, and finally the NC program is created for the machinetool via an easy to configure post processor.


  • Buttress & Round thread support.
  • Advanced thread profile finishing.
  • Thread roughing by values given by user.
  • Advanced simulation with Zoom & Speed control.
  • Option to measure tool from center or from corner.
  • Option to add flat portion to thread top & bottom.
  • International regional settings.
  • Trapezoid Acme support incl dimension table.
  • Output of thread info as comments in NC-code.
  • Surface Roughness calculation (Ra).
  • Scallop Height calculation.
  • Buttress thread with different side angles/radius.
  • Multible thread programming.
  • Selection of machining direction (+/-).
  • Thread profile with rounded bottom.
  • Q-type NC-code for Mori Seiki lathes.
  • Project management, open, save, save as…
  • Variable pitch support for all thread types.
  • Entry/Exit taper support.
  • Buttress w. vertical flank (Siemens KUN 301.04).