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GibbsCAM Probing

On Machine Probing

GibbsCAM Probing Option

GibbsCAM's probing module offers a fast, user-friendly and 100% CAM integrated environment for programming probes in CNC machines. Create probe operations as easily as a regular drill operation in GibbsCAM. Mix milling, turning and probing operations freely. The probing module eliminates manual probe programming and uncertainty in programming.

Standard and Custom Probecycles

The module supports BASIC, GENERIC and CUSTOM probing. The GENERIC cycles include the most common cycles for zero point (WorkFixtureOffset) probing.

GENERIC probecycles include:

- probing of WFO (G54,55,56…) from point, corner, bore and boss
- measurement of diameter
- measurement of midpoint
- optional if/else/goto statements

If your machine is equipped with, for example, a Renishaw probe, the machine probably already has a number of probing macros installed in the control. GibbsCAM's probing module uses/calls these cycles. Most controls are supported, Siemens, Mazak, Fanuc, Yasnac, Heidenhain, Mitsubishi and others. If you already have a GibbsCAM postprocessor, it can probably be upgraded with probing support, contact us for more info and a quote.

One CAM software.
All your CNC machines.

GibbsCAM has what it takes to program all your machines, from simple 2-axis to advanced machines with 20 axis.

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