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CIMCO NC program editor - backplot

NC Program Editor


CIMCO Edit is an advanced editor for editing CNC programs. It includes smart features for renumbering, character management, feed adjustment, search & replace, backplot (simulation), macro functions and much more. As an option, you can add the DNC function and get a reliable RS232 communication with the machine. An advanced file comparison function quickly presents the differences between two different NC programs. With the Mazak option, it can also edit and display Mazatrol programs. With over 60,000 installed licenses around the world, Cimco Edit is something of a industry standard today.

Simulate and see result directly

When you create or edit CNC programs, you can see the result directly in the built-in simulator. If you change something in the program code, the simulation is updated immediately. Very useful feature for education, for example for schools that teach the basics of CNC programming.

CIMCO and GibbsCAM

If you are a GibbsCAM user, you can easily link CIMCO Edit with GibbsCAM. When you create the CNC-program in GibbsCAM, CIMCO Edit opens automatically and you are ready to send the program to the machine.

Communication with CNC machines


DNC-Max is the latest solution in a long line of proven DNC systems from Danish CIMCO. It is a high-end client/server communication solution that connects the company's CNC machines to the PC network.


DNC-Max supports up to 256 simultaneous NC machines connected via ethernet, wireless, fiber-optic or via traditional RS-232 cable. CIMCO supports communication hardware from Moxa, Digi and Comtrol and others. Remote configuration and administration of networks and servers from one and the same place simplifies installation and enables monitoring of DNC server status from any node in the LAN, WAN or over the Internet.


”Remote Request” och ”AutoReceive” låter NC-operatören sköta filöverföring direkt från styrsystemet i CNC-maskin, via maskinens knappsats. Inget behov att springa mellan dator och CNC maskin.


True multitasking function means that you can transfer NC programs to several machines at the same time.

The paperless Shopfloor


CIMCO DataBase is an SQL database that keeps track of all production documents required for production in CNC machines. It is a PDM system for the shopfloor.

Keeps track of production documents

One of the most time-consuming tasks for the NC programmer is the management and tracking of NC programs and associated production documents. CIMCO DataBase simplifies this work and takes you one step further. The system offers flexible search, editing and revision management for NC programs. It can also handle other documents such as Excel, PDF files, CAD drawings and CAM files. Paperless production can be achieved!

Never misplace or lose a NC program again

When an NC program is entered into the DataBase, searchable information such as drawing number, description, machine group, etc. is also added, and cannot be omitted. Thereby everything is searchable. No more searching for files in the Windows Explorer. A significant and immediate time saving.


NC programs are stored in the CIMCO DataBase. To the programs, the user can bind associated documents such as setup sheets, CAM files, tool lists and images. Nine userdefined search fields can be defined, for example: Drawing no., Description, Machine, Operation, Job no., Revision etc. These can then be searched completely freely. Associated documents can be opened directly from within the database. Double-click on a CAM file to open the CAM software, open the setup sheet in Excel and so on – Simple, Easy, Efficient!