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Alibre Design


Alibre Design PROFESSIONAL and EXPERT offers fast, robust and accurate 3D modeling that is great for the small business, manufacturing company, and designers. It offers an intuitive user interface, which makes the CAD software well suited also for sporadic users. EXPERT is the highest level which also includes photorealistic rendering, sheet metal module, more advanced assembly functions and more CAD formats.

Alibre delivers high-level solid modeling at low cost. It has easy-to-use assembly functions, parametric modeling including direct editing of imported models, automatic generation of 2D drawing from solid model including dimensioning, drawing frames, form & position symbols, sheet metal design and KeyShot photorealistic rendering.


Do you need a supplementary CAD that does not break the budget? Then Alibre Design is the right choice. Do you need to open, review and measure 3D models from other CAD programs? The program offers a large number of import formats that allow you to communicate with all other CAD/CAM packages on the market.

We work with metalcutting & manufacturing and
help our customers with designs and production drawings.

With Alibre, we can help our customers with both part design and creation of production drawings for manufacturing.
For us, it was important that the software is affordable and easy to learn. Alibre is exactly that, and has great support.

Håkan Grähs, Nynäshamns CNC och Mekanik AB


Alibre DESIGN?

Easy to Learn

Many learn Alibre Design on their own with the help of our self-study materials available in Swedish and Alibre's many video instructions. In order for you to become productive as quickly as possible, you can also choose to book an online training session with us.


Alibre Design is sold with annual maintenance which includes both software updates and support. Should you get stuck in the program, our technicians can quickly help you overcome the obstacles via our remotesupport solution. Super efficient.

2D Drawings and PDF

Alibre also offers a powerful 2D drafting module. It includes many drawing templates so that 2D view drawings can be easily created based on 3D part models and Assemblies. The drafting module also includes BOM, dimensioning and GD&T symbols.

Above: Computer chassis design/assembly created in Alibre Design Expert and rendered in Keyshot. Design © Niklas Bagge

Photorealistic Images

Keyshot for Alibre

Keyshot is a very capable rendering app that helps you create lifelike / photorealistic images of your 3D CAD models. The module is free of charge and is included as standard with Alibre Design EXPERT.

Materials, backgrounds, shadows, lighting...

In Keyshot, you can choose from hundreds of different materials for your 3D model - everything from wood, plastic, glass and metal to different liquids. In addition, you can set your own backgrounds, your own stage lighting, determine camera focus and perspective and more. When you select material, a 3D preview is created interactively so that you can work out the desired settings without having to wait for the finished rendering. Keyshot enables you to create professional photos of virtual products for product sheets, web pages, presentations and advertising.