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More machinemodels in GibbsCAM

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DMG DMU85 monoblock 800px
To minimize the risk of collision in the CNC machinetool, many of our customers get their machine built in into GibbsCAM, which allows users to simulate the machine's actual movements.

In 4- and 5axis milling machines, it is usually that you want to feel confident that the clearanceplanes between operations are high enough not to cause collisions, but at the same time not too high so that they cause "over travel". In addition one of course also wants to make sure that axis rotations in the machine are as intended.

In multi-axis / multi-spindle lathes (MTM machines) the collision risc is often a problem. The subspindle can collide with a turret, and since multiple tools can machine at the same time this is potentially also a collision risc. But also for these machines, one wants to know if the programmed operations are within the "machine limits".

Our library of different machine models in GibbsCAM is growing steadily. Recently we have added the following machinemodels;

  • Doosan Puma MX2600
  • DMG DMU50
  • DMG DMU85 monoBLOCK
  • Mazak Integrex i300S
  • MoriSeiki Dura 5100
  • MoriSeki NLX 2500 SY
  • Okuma MB-5000H

DMG DMU85 monoblock 800px Doosan Puma MX2600 800px

Mazak Integrex i300S 800px Mori Seiki NLX2500 800px
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