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GibbsCAM WireEDM

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WireEDMWireEDM gears (OptiCAM)
The GibbsCAM WireEDM is a high-end solution with Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) for superfast programming of parts. The WireEDM module has a complete built in CAD for easy and fast creation of geometry including splines, gears and camcurves. GibbsCAM Solids based WEDM package allows you to import and create solidmodels aswell as create toolpath based on solid models. CAD files can be imported as 2D via DXF, DWG and IGES, and when it comes to solidmodels, all major 3D CAD systems are supported aswell.

Support for all major Machine Brands
GibbsCAM's WireEDM solution supports all leading brands of WEDM machines. Proven postprocessors are available for Agie, Charmilles, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Sodick and many more. For most machines GibbsCAM WireEDM also provides complete technologydata, that will set correct generator and compensation values based on your conditions, meaning system will automatically take into consideration; Machine, PartMaterial, TypeofMachining, NumberofCuts and WireMaterial.

WireEDM machining strategies include
- 2-axis with or w/o taper and land (collar & taper)
- 4-axis simultaneous with Autosync
- User definable / multiple bridges (stops)
- User defineable startpoints / automatic startpoints
- User defineable leadin/leadouts
- Userdefineable tech tables & built in technology tables
- Coreless machining (destructive machining)

 WireEDM OptiCAM