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VoluMill Dynamic Milling

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GibbsCAM VoluMill, Dynamic Milling

This new technology is a revolution, in comparison with traditional milling strategies (pocketing, facing and similar). VoluMill is fully integrated in GibbsCAM and Associative to the shape it is machining, change the shape and toolpath is updated.

Milling with constant load
Because of VoluMill's abiliity to vary feedrates based on the volume that the tool is removing at each cut, the load on tool & spindle kan be kept almost constant, even when performing aggressive material removal with high feedrates. The embedded "sidecut only" technology allows you to machine pockets with large cutdepths / small sidesteps, which results in a number of advantages. Since the entire tool flutelength is used heat is transferred much more effectively from the tool. Toolwear occurs on the entire flutelength as opposed to "tooltip" only (in traditional pocketing).

VoluMill Advantages

  • Shorter Machiningtime (30-70% timesavings is typical)
  • Extended Tool-life (especially when machining in hard/hardened materials)
  • Even Spindle load, low wear on machinetool (traditional machining often results in "spindleload-peaks")
  • Soft, HSM toolpath (tangential arcmoves, perfect for HighSpeedMachining)
  • HiFeed between cuts (minimizes air-cutting time)

          Dynamic Milling could essentially be translated "milling with constant load." Constant load can be achieved in a few different ways: by varying the stepover in milling, or varying the feedrate as tool-load increases, by slowing down when the tool path radii are small (typically inside corners). GibbsCAM supports both these technologies. Adaptive milling uses variable stepover, while VoluMill varies the feedrate dynamically throughout the toolpath based on the maxfeed you specify. These technologies provide the ability to run extremely high feedrates.

  •  GibbsCAM VoluMill Dynamic Milling, feedrate 8000mm/min in SS1650 steel - Watch Movie