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Efficient programming of complex machinetools can be experienced as difficult, timeconsuming and expensive. It does not have to be. With the right CAM solution and a supplier who can add what is needed, there is much to gain. With increased and optimized use of CAM software, higher profitability will come as a result.

GibbsCAM has what it takes to support your entire fleet of machinetools. From simple 3axis milling machines to complex Multitask machines with multiple toolgroups and spindles and Swiss style machines. You're safe with GibbsCAM, we support both your existing and future machinetools thanks to our UKM (Universal Kinematic Machine) technology.
GibbsCAM for all your machines
Through the years many CAM programs have been able to create complex toolpaths and offered all kinds of features, but often totally missed the fact that people need to learn and become fluent and productive with the system, quickly. If the CAM program is too complex and is only used by one "expert", your company becomes vulnerable and capacity will be limited. A machinistfriendly CAM solution can be used by more individuals and is better suited for SFP "ShopFloorProgramming". GibbsCAM is widely known as both powerful, yet very easy to use.
GibbsCAM for all your machines

Powerfully Simple. Simply Powerful

GibbsCAM's UKM technology allows the system to, besides milling, turning and dynamic machining, to support also Elliptical, Excentrical and Interpolation turning including support for Ceratizit Freeturn, and Broaching. The vast support of machining methods lets you program all types of operations in one single program. Copy & Paste type of CNC programming is eliminated.
GibbsCAM for all your machines
For HighEnd needs GibbsCAM offers specific option that simplify programming and shortens machiningtime. These options include Turbine / Impeller / Blade machining, Advanced Mould&die machining, dynamic 5axis machining, Automatic Multipart machining and Portmilling etc...
GibbsCAM for all your machines

Try GibbsCAM and discover the power, on your own. During your testperiod you have access to our worldclass support, for free. As a testdrive-customer you get free startup-webtraining and a postprocessor for your machine so you can machine parts, for real. If you get stuck, our superskilled supportstaff will help you, just as if you were a real GibbsCAM customer.

Email your request for TestDrive to: info@fructus.se or call 08-59411630

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