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Millturn / MTM

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With the Millturn application you can program Millturn machines with 1 spindle / 1 toolgroup. In short, the MillTurn package combines the GibbsCAM milling module with the turning module.The machine may be configured with both C/Y/B axis and utility functionality such as partscatcher, tailstock, loader, feeder etc.

The sky is the limit
Depending on configuration, Millturn can program simple 2.5D parts or full 3D freeform solids and surfaces, using the machines Y or C axis as needed. Simultaneous 4-/5axis milling can also be added to millturn... the sky is the limit.

The UKM kinematic engine inside GibbsCAM gives the user the competetive edge. The UKM technology allows GibbsCAM to support many unique and powerful turning methods. For example, GibbsCAM supports Sandvik Prime Turning tools and methods, aswell as Y-Axis Turning. These turning methods represent the latest technology and increases productivity significantly. GibbsCAM also supports Elliptical, Excentrical, Interpolation and Orbit turning.

GibbsCAM14 Ceratizit Freeturn
Above: Y-axis turning with Sandvik's indexing MultiTool holder

GIBBSCAM MTM (MultiTaskMachining)
The MTM application is for machines with multiple spindles and/or multiple toolgroups. In MTM you can program multiple tools to machine at the same time using our "sync-manager". MTM Machines are available in a wide variety of configurations, some machines would be considered milling machines with turning capabilities, others could be seen as turning centers with milling functionality. Gibbs MTM supports them all.

Unlimited # of axis
Gibbs MTM has been developed with these complex machines in focus. It therefore supports a unlimited number of spindles and toolgroups, and every CNC control you can think of.

Every machine is an individual
Every machineapplication is customised exactly for each machine, to ensure that your programmingsolution offers control of exactly the devices your machine is equipped with (steadyrest, robot, catcher etc). All machineapplications can be complemented with a MachineSimulation model so that user can easily discover and avoid overtravel, collisions, fawlty tool-lengths etc.

MachineSIM Okuma

Worlds largest MTM postlibrary - more than 1500 postprocessors
Below are some of the machines that GibbsCAM MTM has already been delivered for:
Okuma LT25 / MacTurn / Multus, Mazak Integrex / QuickTurn / Nexus QT / Multiplex, Gildemeister CTX/Beta/Gamma/TT, Moriseiki MT / NT, Miyano BNC / BNE / ABX, Hitachi Seiki SuperHicell, Traub TNL / TNS / TNC, Nakamura WT / WTS / SuperNT, Citizen M20 / 32 Swiss machines, SMT CC4200, Index C200 / G300 / ABC / TNX / TNL, Hardinge Conquest, Schaublin 42, Haas TL15/25, Daewoo Puma TT / MX, Star Swiss machines, Tornos Deco series Swiss machines....

          Simultaneous B-axis turning and simultaneous 4-axis turning (balanced turning) are some of the features of GibbsCAM. The simultaneous B-axis turning varies the B-axis angle along the lathe profile, so that access into grooves and similar is increased. In simultaneous 4-axis turning the upper and lower turret are synchronized so that they work towards the same spindle, at the same time. One tool moves slightly ahead of or at a different diameter than the other one, which helps to "balance" the cutting pressure on the part. Two tools engaged at the same time = faster machining.