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Basic 2-axis turning package

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2-axis Production Turning
All GibbsCAM solutions include Freeform CAD, for easy and fast import/creation of part drawings. You'll find highend functionality such as offsets, ellipses, cam-curves and splines in Gibbs built-in CAD. The built in "Geometry Expert" is a fast and intuitive drawing aid for creating shapes for turning. Already in our basic 2-axis turning package, the latest and greatest technology is included. This includes Sandvik Prime Turning and Voluturn dynamic turning.

Intelligent Turning strategies
The turning-strategies include contouring, roughing, plunging, drilling, tapping, threading... Additional features are "no-drag" cutting, which means the tool will automatically switch back/forth direction to ensure superfinish on parts and increase tool-life.

Associative and Parametric
GibbsCAM's Associative toolpaths and Parametric geometries allows you to program family-of-parts quicker than ever. Change the drawing parametrically, and then click once to update all the associated toolpaths.

Automatic clearance calculation
All turning solutions from Gibbs include "Autoclearance" which simplifies your programming as it keeps track of remaining material between operations. Autoclearance therefore also reduces airmoves and thus provides a shorter cycletime in the machine.

Sandvik Prime Turning SIM Above: Sandvik Prime Turning - efficient turning in all directions