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About GibbsCAM

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GibbsCAM is a integrated CAD/CAM system for programming of CNC machines, within the areas of milling, turning and wire-edm. The latest generation of GibbsCAM was released in 1993 with a user-interface that has revolutionized the CAM industry. Easy-to-use, intuitive and totally oriented towards the machinist, it has rendered great success with endusers and machinebuilders both in the US, Asia and Europe. GibbsCAM is POWERFULLY SIMPLE - SIMPLY POWERFUL.

A Modular System
GibbsCAM consists of a number of "basic packages" and thereto a large number of modules that can be added. This means that you can start with a cheaper/simpler package and then build with more modules as the need arises. Read more about GibbsCAM's basic packages and modules under the "GibbsCAM" menu.

Cooperation with machinetoolbuilders and CAD vendors
To ensure highest compatibility and best-in-class postprocessors, we and GibbsCAM work closely together with most leading machinetool suppliers and CAD vendors.

Local language support shortens learning curve
GibbsCAM has been localised to approximately 20 different languages, including Swedish and Finnish.

GibbsCAM Nordic
Since the early 1990's GibbsCAM is distributed by Fructus Data AB in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland).

Developer: GibbsCAM is developed by CAMBRIO /