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4- and 5-axis milling

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Endless Possibilities!

For all types of multiaxis machinetools
The GibbsCAM 4-and 5axis milling options can be added to milling applications aswell as to millturn- and MTM-applications. These modules add machining strategies for 4-, 4.5- and 5axis milling. GibbsCAM offers full collisionchecking between part, tool, toolholder, collisionsurfaces and fixtures.

Simplified strategies
The 5axis package includes predefined/simplified strategies for common tasks such as swarfmilling, engraving, drilling, head porting, blademachining and more. The simplified machining methods are easy to define as they require very little input from the user.



Advanced Multiblade
The GibbsCAM Multiblade option is designed with one purpose only - to machine impellers and bladeparts. MultiBlade offers intelligent recognition of impellerblades and splitters, smart toolpath trimming functions and both roughing and finishing strategies specifically focused on bladeparts. A must have if you need to to machine complex blade parts.

GibbsCAM PortMilling
The GibbsCAM PortMilling option simplifies machining of cylinderhead ports and similar tubular partshapes that require complex internal machining. This module increases surfacefinish, optimises toolpaths and shortens programmingtime due to its ease-of-use. A must have if you are in the racing business and need to machine cylinder heads!

GibbsCAM Portmilling 1280

G-code that works
The 5axis module is crowned with HighEnd postprocessors that guarantees impeckable G-code for the machine. We support all types of milling machines, rotaryhead machines, millturns and MTM machines.

We recommend the MachineSimulator module to be used together with all 5-axis applications.