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About Fructus

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Rooted in manufacturing

Our business is sales and distribution of CAD/CAM software in the Nordic countries . With more than 30 years of experience in CAM and CNC programming, we are stably rooted in the manufacturing industry. Our goal is to supply productive and easy to use software solutions, with professional startup and support. Fructus is one of the leading CAM suppliers in the region - a solid partner with solid expertise.

Adaptation for the Nordic
The majority of the software solutions that we distribute are developed in the US. We contribute with adaptations for local market & customer needs, including language localisation, development of macros, machinemodels, tooling libraries and development of postprocessors for our customers specific needs & machinetools.

Training and startups
We offer basic training for all software and continuous update trainings as new software is released. For more complex CNC machinetools we offer startup & adaptation support onsite.

Service & support
We know that fast and efficient support is extremely important. We are committed to maintaining short responsetimes, thereby helping our customers minimize their downtime in production. Perhaps this is why more than 500 companies has selected Fructus as their CAM solutions provider.

Welcome to us with your inquiry!

Mikael Bagge / CEO