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Cimco PDM/Database

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SQL Database for production documents - The Paperless Shopfloor


One of the most timeconsuming tasks for the NC-programmer is the handling / tracking of CNC-programs and associated production documentation & quality assurance documents. CIMCO PDM simplifies this work and takes you one step further by offering flexible search functionality, revisionhandling and superb CNC programediting.

CIMCO PDM allows the user to store CNC-programs in a SQL-database. Associated files such as operationslists, CAM documents, excelfiles, PDF's, CAD files and toollists can easily be added to each program. Up to 9 userdefined fields can be added in the database. These fields are typically used to store information such as Drawingnumber, Description, Operationnumber etc.
With these fields it's an easy task to search for drawingnumber XXX that was programmed in machinegroup XXX for example. Associated files can be opened from inside the database, for example if you add GibbsCAM files in the database, you can simply doubleclick on the CAM file, and GibbsCAM is launched, the file is opened.

Paperless production
CIMCO DNCMAX automatically imports programs to the CIMCO PDM DATABASE when they are sent back from the machinetool, and adds the necessary searchcriteria such as Customer, Program#, machinegroup, revision etc. This drastically reduces the need for manual input from the programmer/operator when handling CNC programs and associated files. On the shopfloor a "view-only" database can be installed, so the operator can easily find the right files. CIMCO PDM combined with CIMCO DNCMAX offers a true paperless environment for the shopfloor.

Easy, fast, efficient!