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Cimco DNC

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CIMCO DNCMAX - the Wireless Shopfloor

Connect to your CNC machinetools with Wireless, Fiberoptics, RS232 or Ethernet - the choice is yours!

CIMCO WIRELESS SHOPFLOOR DNCCIMCO has developed DNC solutions for more than a decade. DNC-Max is the latest solution in a long row of well proven DNC-solutions from CIMCO.

DNC-Max supports upto 256 simultaneous ports/CNC machines connected through wireless, fiberoptical or traditional RS232 interface. It supports communicationhardware from Moxa, Digi, Comtrol and others. Remoteconfiguration / administration of a network with multiple servers simplifies installation and enables the possibility to monitor DNC server status from any node in the LAN or WAN or over internet. Multiple levels of password protection, personal settings are some of the additional features.

Sending CNC programs to/from the machinetool
"Remote Request" and "AutoReceive" makes trasnfering programs a breeze. No more running between PC's and machinetool, you can access the NC programs on the network directly from the machines's control / keypad.