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CAD/CAM utbildning



A CADCAM training with 10-20 participants is a bit like a lecture, you learn things, but maybe not so efficiently. For that reason, we limit the number of participants to 6 people in each class. This guarantees high quality and allows us to complete the course in only a few days. After all, we do not want to keep your personnel away from your business longer than necessary.

When did you last attend training?

As software develops, the individual's skills needs to be developed aswell. One day of training every year is a good investment. You can learn new versions and features on your own, or you can take professional help. The latter is undoubtedly more efficient.

GibbsCAM courses

GibbsCAM BASIC Training

GibbsCAM Basic Courses are held in our office in Stockholm, monthly. The courses are normally three days long. A course day lasts from 09:00 to about 16:30 with breaks for lunch and coffee (included).


Arranged by agreement. An extension training can be anything from learning to be more efficient with what you have (optimization) or to learn a new module you have purchased, or a training focused on a specific CNC machine. Contact us to discuss content and dates. Phone: +46 8 59411630

Welcome to contact us for more info or to book a course!