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Alibre Design - 3D CAD

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Speed up your design process with Alibre DesignAlibre Turbine 1280 web

With extensive 3D CAD tools for design, construction and preparation for manufacturing (CAM/CNC), Alibre provides fast and accurate modeling/drafting in an intuitive environment. With a very affordable price, Alibre delivers highend CAD tools at a lower cost, including assemblymodelling, parametric modeling, direct editing of imported models, automatic generation of 2D drawings, dimensioning, drawing sheets and sheet metal design. Keyshot (photorealistic rendering) is included with Alibre Design.


Alibre 3D part modeling

Ideal as an additional CAD to CAM software, or as a complement to heavier CAD software

Need a CAD that does not rupture the budget? Then Alibre is the right choice. The functionality is sufficiently high, and the price low enough. This allows the software to be used by more occasional CAD users, for instance for making fixturedesigns for manufacturing as a complement to the CAM software. With Alibre, your business can save money by not having to invest in expensive CAD with high maintenance cost, and heavy training requirements.


Easy to learn
It is so easy that most of our users learn the software on their own with the help of our tutorial videos and examples. To become productive as quickly as possible, we however recommend that you get a 1 day training session, or a few hours of webtraining. We offer both.

Professional B2B support
Alibre Design is sold with so-called Maintenance, which includes both software updates aswell as enduser support. If you are stuck in the program, our technicians can help you get passed the obstacles quickly. Our remotesupport system allows us to connect directly to your PC, and guide you online - super efficient.

Alibre Design 2D exploded view