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Sandvik PrimeTurning in GibbsCAM

Sandvik PrimeTurning – a technology boost in GibbsCAM version 2023.

GibbsCAM 2023 contains a number of new features for both turning and milling that provide increased productivity. A particularly valuable addition is the support for Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurningTM which in GibbsCAM 2023 can now be combined with both VoluTurn dynamic turning and Y-axis / B-axis turning. Each of these technologies has its distinct advantages such as higher stability, increased tool life and shorter run time. But by now being able to combine all these methods, in one CAM programming, GibbsCAM users have gained new opportunities to increase productivity. Of course, all methods deserve their own attention, but in this information we focus primarily on PrimeTurningTM.


PrimeTurning™ allows turning to be programmed in all directions in a much more efficient and productive way compared to conventional turning. The method uses dedicated CoroTurn® Prime tools that are also fully integrated into GibbsCAM. The method provides up to 5 times increased tool life and more than 50% time savings compared to conventional turning. Flexibility increases at the same time as the turning insert can remove material in more directions. PrimeTurning™ uses a small entry angle that creates thinner and wider chips. The chip thinning means that the feed can be increased radically in comparison with traditional turning. By turning backwards, chip jamming is also eliminated, which is very beneficial, not least when turning internally.


CoroTurn Prime Tools


For high access to the partshape during fine turning and semi-rough turning, the TYPE A insert, which has three cutting edges, is typically used. For heavier roughing, the stronger TYPE B insert is used. The integration of Sandvik CoroTurn inserts in GibbsCAM includes both insert types, including the possibility to rotate the tool-spindle simultaneously during turning operations (simultaneous B-axis/V-axis).


GibbsCAM External PrimeTurning with Tailstock support

About GibbsCAM

GibbsCAM is a leading CAM solution for programming CNC machines for metal cutting. Designed to increase the efficiency of machineshops where profitability is driven by GibbsCAM toolpaths and post processors that optimize the efficiency of the CNC machine. GibbsCAM can interact with all major CAD systems and supports 2- to 5-axis milling, turning, multi-task machining (MTM), Swiss and WireEDM.

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